December 28, 2012

“Be careful of …

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“Be careful of what you ask, because you may get it”

If I get a chance to relive my life that’s one thing I want my younger self to imbibe deep in  subconscious mind.

The problem is Butterfly effect , its hard to imagine all probable scenarios where you might be worse off when you actually thinking about a specific problem.

Its not really great time to be a central banker neither its for  a common man who puts faith in these masters of universe to do what’s right ……for the mankind !!

I don’t much about economics to say whether Pual krugman idea’s are stupid or not but when Mark Carney  (slated for BOE job) talks about nominal  GDP or BOJ trying desperately to have some inflation – I know  something is not right.

Can we do anything about it ?  Don’t think , so eat , code and be light on debt !!


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