January 7, 2012

Come On America ! – Do the right thing, Choose Ron Paul !!

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I don’t really write about anything which is non technical but this is something which I feel we should raise our voice  –  Its not that Capitalism has failed ! , its the Socialism (In western world)disguised as Capitalism  which is failing .

I live in India and actually quite sad about the kind of politician we have .

Over the years hearing Ron Paul on Federal Reserve , Gold other economic issues used to give comfort feeling that developed countries ,Do have politicians who understands current issues and are ready to fight for better tomorrow  .

Made me  hopeful  that as India would progress we would also have politician like Ron Paul.

After  Iowa caucus , Ron paul is now considered more and more mainstream candidate who is in race to make a difference to current economic system which is already moribund.

Come on America ! people across the world are looking at you.


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