October 29, 2009

Intelij Idea : One more Casulty of Open Source

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You might be already aware of the fact that JetBrains have released core Intelij framework as free and OpenSource.

Although am happy with Eclipse and contrary to many people who blasts Eclipse for flaky behaviour , Eclipse have worked very nicely for me .I am quite happy with eclipse (especially with Galileo) and huge plugins for almost everything .

Still I decided to try Intelij and see what’s all are in for offer , also to see what’s new have come in since 3 yrs (last I used Idea ).

Recently I have to come up with a small desktop GUI to demonstrate an idea and thought best possible way is to use NetBeans for Swing GUI builder capabilities . Even saying that NetBeans is a good IDE is kind of understatement.

So now we have 3 very good IDE’s in java world and all three are Open Source ! This only augurs well for Java related technologies,as sometimes not the technology but the support tools around it make the last mile difference between its adoption and rejection.

So high five for Open-Source and its has kind of proved that selling commercial products in era of Open-Source would be really tough and challenging , Even if you have a superior product.


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