August 16, 2007

DbUnit : Testing with Database

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I moved to a big investment bank and now in a transition state from Java Graphics , Java3D , Xith3D …etc etc to JEE stuff ,and boy things have changed and that too drastically its surely more than 2 going away from J2EE.

One of good things working in a financial firm is emphasis on Testing:All sort of testing ,unit-Test,integration -test ……after all all those number are money and you won’t be very pleased if some java operation just truncate the decimal part of a number which happens to be your money value or worse some multiplier which magnifies the effect.

In middle of all this wonderful journey i came across a very good tool: Don’t get me wrong ,i know we already have more tools than work in hand.But this one is easy to use and come’s very handy if you are already accustomed to Junit.

Basically its a utility framework which helps you in testing of Database-Driven Projetcs :

  • Extension of Junit.
  • Helps you to put the database into a known state between test runs.
  • A database can be seeded with a desired data set before a test ,moreover ,at the end you can put it into pre-test state.

Rest you can see in this ppt: Its a good one and i have got this one from internet. DbUnit : Testing with Database



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