June 7, 2007

Java Gyan : Making Java Simple

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I am trying to come up with a web-site about Java .Why a new one when their are already so many of them available?Well the answer lies in the fact that i have done teaching (Physics teaching for IIT entrance) and found that experience very different.

What i learn in those 4 years as a Physics teacher is

  • Its a learning process for both student as well as Teacher.
  • As a individual you get to live so many lives.You share your students aspirations,fears.It just make you feel younger.
  • Its not a easy task if you are doing your part sincerely as you keep on coming up unexpected question which you have never thought of.
  • Students do respect teachers if he knows his subject.
  • Having knowledge and imparting it to others are two different things.Great players do not always make great coaches.

Coming back to the question of why a new web-site : Its just my efforts to explain things in simple words so people coming from different backgrounds in software industry finds the transition more smoother.

I’ll be very delighted if you canĀ  give suggestion about it should be like!


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