May 2, 2007

Enterprise System Architecture

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Their is very important debate doing rounds on net as what actually an Java Architect (Enterprise Systems) do ?Isn’t Architecture is broader term and should be used independent of Language and so term Java Architect is misleading.

Well what i think is its very difficult to find a person who has no bias of platform and language and this bias comes not because of personnel linking but the person will have more knowledge or have worked on a particular platform more and hence in new coming projects he is likely to choose already tried and used technology .And this loop ends up labeling a person as Java Architect or .net one.

One more interesting point is made at blog Architecture? One size fits all

In this author had boldly proposed a single solution to cater around 99% of Enterprise systems.I am enclosing his diagram and on first look it looks like most of the Systems have same Architecture.

In this also from 10,000 ft everything looks same but real challenge is figuring out technology from plethora of choices .Problem of plenty is valid especially in Java.What was supposed to be strength of Java has becomes its Achilles heel.

Its time when big guns like Sun,IBM,BEA ,Google sit together and standardize common choices.

But than it is the completion and open-source which will determine shell-life of any new technology.



  1. Thanks for the link.

    Choice is a good thing – but the latest trend seems to be towards ‘opinionated software’ – e.g. Ruby on Rails , Maven , Appfuse etc.

    There, the mantra is ‘we make the choices for you, if you don’t like our decisions here’s how you change it, but you’re on your own’


    Comment by Paul Browne - TIPE — May 3, 2007 @ 7:53 am | Reply

  2. I think use of word ‘opinionated software’ is really good to describe current trend.

    Every body wants to do things differently rather improving on current technology .One reason for rise of these software is to promote book sales and hence everyday you can hear about a new trendier solution for problems which can be tackled easily by currently available options .

    ‘we make the choices for you, if you don’t like our decisions here’s how you change it, but you’re on your own’
    This is real challenge of open-source ,you can see the stuff but fiddle with it on your own risk.

    Comment by elope — May 4, 2007 @ 8:28 am | Reply

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